Who is sports nutrition for?

Sports nutrition helps elite athletes as well as the regular jogger, triathlete or gym user correct their nutritional states to enhance performance.  It can give you the cutting edge tailored nutritional protocol you need to train harder, progress further and get the results you want! 

Most sports enthusiasts enjoy participating in regular fitness related activities. 

Good nutrition is the key to enhanced performance!

What can sports nutrition do for you? 

      • Better recovery rate


      • Electrolyte balance


      • Provide supplement protocols that follow up-to date research


      • Nutrient education for client


      • Increase energy


      • Achieve your fitness goals


      The amount, composition and timing of food intake can profoundly affect sports performance"

      Aoi Nutrition Journal 2006, 5:15


 The role of foods:

The foods you eat make all the difference between nourishing your body or starving it of nutrients. 

Susan first corrects the dietary building blocks and then recommends a tailored supplement protocol based on the clients field of sport and needs.

The clinics approach is a functional sports nutritional approach and the clients past and present health history is taken into consideration while tailoring their health plans.


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