Nutritional Therapy for Children's needs 

Without question nutrition plays a key role in children's development.  Eating nourishing foods to support optimal development is key to any child's well being.  As their immune system develops some children may be more sensitive to environmental allergens including foods they eat.  This may have an impact on their behaviour and well being.  Nutritional Therapy helps to identify those allergens and other factors that may affect the functioning of the immune system.


Some children may have hyperactive behaviours that respond well to nutritional therapy.  The nutritionist's role is to identify suspect triggers contributing to hyperactive behaviours and draft a plan to help address this.  

Other considerations in hyperactive behaviours maybe nutritional factors, diet and heavy metal toxicity.  


Scientific studies have demonstrated that children may respond positively to nutritional supplementation to support their concentration and learning abilities.  There are various key nutrients that may be helpfull in terms of supporting the childs cognitive development and this in return may help the childs development and concentration at school.


Sensitive children may have allergies or intolerance's to some foods that may have an impact on their well being.  An allergy or intolerance is likely to have an impact on the child's immune system and in return the child may have some of the following health concerns:



Dry skin

Hay fever


Digestive problems

To help your child New Hopes Nutrition can recommend tests to identify foods that may be causing problems, test for nutritional deficiencies and device a health plan to help support your child to achieve better health naturally.  A childs health plan usually includes dietary advice, nutritional supplement recommendations and lifestyle factors to take in to consideration.  All this is included in the consultation price. You also get ongoing e-mail or phone support.

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