New Hopes Nutrition, promoting health naturally with Nutritional Therapy

About Us

New Hopes Nutrition is a complementary therapy clinic providing nutritional therapy for adults and children who prefer a more natural approach to taking care of their health.  The clinic is run by a fully qualified and registered Nutritional therapist Susan Davis.  The clinic caters for varied health conditions.

Where to find the clinic

The clinic is located in Fordingbridge, New Forest Hampshire.  It borders Ringwood and Salisbury and surrounding villages. Nutritionist Susan Davis offers a mobile nutrition service for clients that have difficulty coming out to her clinic and can arrange home visits in the New Forest area. 


Nutritional Therapy

Susan incorporates all resources available to help investigate your health problems and find solutions.  These may be laboratory testing, recommending nutritional supplements and also advocating lifestyle changes as seen fit.  Diet may be the key factor in many health conditions and is the first line of investigation in any health matter for those seeking nutritional advice.

Cooking workshops

Susan Davis also runs regular cookery demonstrations on demand.  Some of the topics covered include, healthy eating, cooking for children, healthy snacks and Paleo cooking.  She specialises in Gluten free, dairy free and grain free cooking . 

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We listen to our clients and work with them to address their needs through innovative solutions. 

Can nutrition help you with any of these conditions?


Digestion,  Stress,  Arthritis, Heart Disease, Skin problems, Sports nutrition, Autism, Childrens nutrition, Hyperactivity, Developmental delays, Eczema, Depression, Mens nutrition. Womens nutrition, Nutrition for skin health, weight loss.


Also special diets, GF/CF Diet, SCD Diet,LOD, Paleo Diet, Ketogenic Diet



"I would like to thank you for such a wonderful array of foods and tastes, and different ways of presenting and putting them together.  Loved it!  It was also a pleasure to watch you in action, keeping so cool, calm and collected. You managed to keep us all interested and enthralled by what you were making, it was easy to follow"...V.M, Ringwood-Cookery Demonstration.

"My son is a changed boy!  We still have difficulty, his behaviour is still quite aggressive and loud but not as much as it was and he is able to communicate much more than he has in the past few years.  His bowel movements are regular!  He seems much happier and more grown up.  I can't thank you enough."  B. A,  Eastleigh for PDD diagnosed son.

"After the period of constipation I started taking the the nutritional supplements you recomended again as I didn't want to take laxatives regularly. This is working and I am feeling really well again. I have started playing tennis and feel like my old self at last. Also I have lost weight to date  which also makes me feel better. Friends and family have noticed how much better I am." M. C, Ringwood, Long term digestive problems.